Welcome to the Flying V Longhorns’ website.  The Ranch is the culmination of a long-held dream, determined work, and God-Given opportunity.  We hope you’ll enjoy this presentation of our cattle in this legendary breed and of our operation.  Feel free to contact us using the form provided in the margin or using the “contact” tab which will remain at the top of each page.  Our goal is to keep this page current and the SALE-PEN, in particular.  Therefore, I encourage you to bookmark our site & return as often as you can.  Also, please consider sharing our website on your Facebook page from the link at the bottom and “Liking” our Facebook page shown here:  Flying V Longhorns

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Al Vinson, Flying V Longhorns

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Jake Feeding Hay
Jake ready for branding
Jake with Rose
Jake, Josh & Super Duque
Josh with bull FV Thud
Calf Exercise
Calf Exercise
Calf Exercise
Calf Exercise ... wore out
Calf Exercise, Josh & Thud