Legacy Longhorns

Cattle which have carried the Flying V Brand for others to enjoy.


FV Phantom, Bull born to FV Tiff.  Now resides near Rogers, TX

 FV Benson, our first born.  From FV Jeanne, Benson now runs on the Diamond G near Santo, TX

FV Dawn, she now lives in Oklahoma

FV Stuka, FV Dawn’s “at side” steer.  They are both in Oklahoma.

FV Terri & her “at-side” steer, FV Banshee.  Also in Oklahoma.

FV Cindy Sue & her “at side” heifer, Texas Blizzard (born during the Feb 11 snow).  Now in Oklahoma.

FV Corsair, daughter of Dawn, was in our show circuit, too.  She’s also in Oklahoma.

FV Vigilante … enjoyed via freezer.  Mighty fine!!!