To begin the TLBAA show circuit of ’11/’12, we took the boys to Abilene for the West Texas Fair & Rodeo, TLBAA World Qualifying Show … & qualify the boys did!

Below is Josh with his bred heifer, class 10, FV Donie Rose who won Reserve Grand Champion Female!

Showing his heifer to the judge











Jake qualifies FV Iron Annie placing First in her Class 4, Junior Female Division.

On the right, competing for Junior Female Champion.













With the arrival of our latest Longhorn, Lucy, and adding a run from the arena pen, past the show calves’ pen, to the Dube Chute, we made a little video.  Josh gives the tour.  The video intermittently stops in places.  That’s a recording issue, not your internet connection.  We will try to update this with another effort before too long … with a dedicated video camera.